Convenient Fuel Delivery

Back of Oil Delivery Truck - Fuel Delivery

McElven Fuel Company of Pemberton, New Jersey, provides fuel delivery the next day after you call. We handle filling the tank for you, and your presence is not required.

Oil & Fuel

Our company delivers Low Sulfur Heating Oil, Off-road and On-road Diesel, and dyed K-1 Kerosene. The prices for our products include delivery fee. Any delivery size is available, but deliveries under 100 gallons have an added surcharge. Same day delivery is available upon request. We also, provide Miliatary discounts (With proper I.D.) and Senior discount.


Budget Plan Starts Every April

We calculate how much you used all year and divide by 12 to create a payment for each month. When heating season begins, you already have money on the books. You also receive a contract letter to accept and the option to put a credit card on your account for automatic payments.

Contact us today to request next-day fuel delivery at reasonable rates.